Takeover Skins


The largest format in online advertising becomes the background of your website while the main body with the content remains unchanged. Takeover Skins are primarily used by big advertisers, so you get a premium ad from a well-known company and brand.

Takeover Skins can be enhanced with special features and rich media, which can include, for example, the animated overlay of two layers affected by the movement of the mouse, video content, more clickable space, and other interactivity.

Technical specifications

Creative dimensions of 2000×1400 px*

*For a creative of these dimensions to display correctly, the optimum website width is from 950 px to 1080 px. For other websites, including responsive ones, a simple adjustment is usually made either by the publisher or R2B2, depending on the situation.

If you need us, we are available at partner@r2b2.io.

Takeover Skins