Revenue Stream for publishers

Earn more with R2B2’s ad Revenue Stream. It is easy to connect via Prebid, GTM, or Ad Server, or you can insert it directly into your media. No exclusivity, no commitments.

Why choose R2B2?

  • Generates more revenueGenerates more revenue

    Our product constantly works to optimize your ad spaces and generate more revenue for you. The ultimate goal is to increase RPM (ad revenue per thousand impressions), and our ad specialists will help you find the most efficient solution for your website.

  • Operates globallyOperates globally

    Our digital ad network works with over 10 ad systems around the world. This advantage allows us to fill your ad spaces with the best ad demands. You will benefit from joining our ad network whether you are based in Tokyo or Rio de Janeiro.

  • Easy integrationEasy integration

    Our clients value easy connectivity to our ad network. We offer numerous ways to integrate ads, including popular options such as Prebid, GTM, and AdServer. The integration process is simple and fast. You can start making money instantly.

  • Monetizes mobile trafficMonetizes mobile traffic

    Our ads also work on mobile devices, which account for the majority of pageviews worldwide, and it's recommended to utilize them. Our ad network offers multiple ad formats designed with mobile in mind.

  • Revenue reportingRevenue reporting

    Once the ads are running, you can monitor their performance on a dashboard in our client area. Check all the important metrics such as impressions, CPM, and revenue, and export the data for your own further analysis.

  • No commitmentsNo commitments

    We don't have any setup fees. So, you can join our ad network without any commitment or risk. Give it a try and make your decision based on actual performance.

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About R2B2

R2B2 was founded in 2008 in Prague, Czech Republic, and has successfully been developing its services ever since. Our mission is to generate high online-advertising revenues for top Czech and Slovak Internet publishers such as Mafra, Czech News Center, Economia, Vltava Labe Media, Impression Media, Mafra Slovakia, and

We also serve the largest commercial TV stations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia—Nova, Prima, and Markiza. As of 2020, we are expanding our services abroad. Our company collaborates with Genesis Capital Growth, which has recently become the majority owner.

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