Revenue Stream for publishers

Earn more with R2B2’s ad Revenue Stream. It is easy to connect via Prebid, GTM, or Ad Server, or you can insert it directly into your media. No exclusivity, no commitments.

Why choose R2B2?

  • Operates globallyOperates globally

    intercontinental reach

  • Increases your RPMIncreases your RPM

    estimated earnings per 1000 impressions

  • Delivers global ad demandsDelivers global ad demands

    from important advertisers

  • Mobile revenue streamsMobile revenue streams

    every screen counts

  • Easily connect Easily connect

    via Prebid, GTM, or Ad Server, or insert it directly into your media

  • Revenue reportingRevenue reporting

    keep track of your revenue boost online

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About R2B2

R2B2 was founded in 2009 in Prague, Czech Republic, and has successfully been developing its services ever since. Its mission is to ensure high online-advertising revenues for top Czech and Slovak Internet publishers such as Mafra, Czech News Center, Economia, Vltava Labe Media, Impression Media, Mafra Slovakia, and

R2B2 also serves the largest commercial TV stations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia—Nova, Prima, and Markiza. As of 2020, R2B2 is expanding its services abroad. It collaborates with Genesis Capital Growth, which recently became the majority owner.

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