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Start increasing your revenue with R2B2 today. It is safe and easy. There are no requirements or setup fees. You don’t need any technical skills, IT department, or even initial investments. We monetize our services through revenue sharing.

Maximize profits in just three steps


We analyze your website and offer you the most suitable solution that will generate the highest revenue.


We send you a deployment code and, if requested, guide you through the simple implementation using tag-in-tag or your ad server. It is possible to connect via Prebid.


Your work is done. We will take it from here. All you need to do is keep an eye on your revenue as it increases.

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Revenue share method

How do we monetize our services? Revenue sharing, which means we keep part of the money your inventory earns. As a result, we are highly motivated to maximize your revenue, because it is beneficial for us as well. No onboarding or setup fees. We only earn when you earn.

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Revenue share method

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1. Select a country
2. Choose your metrics
A balanced approach to ad quantity and frequency enhances user experience and increases your revenue
Mobile: 50
Desktop: 50

This number is big enough for us to fetch you substantial revenue without any trouble. Just give us your contact information.


*This is an estimate of your revenue based on the ideal formula.

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