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The ultimate goal is to increase your eCPM. Our ad specialists will help you find the best solution for your inventory.

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Our team of IT masters is here to provide technical assistance at any time.

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Joining our ad network will benefit you, regardless of where you are. R2B2 maximizes revenue across the globe.

900+ websites

Over 900 websites worldwide trust R2B2 with their ad revenue.

19 SSPs

The ad sources we work with ensure all the demand necessary, 19 and counting.

2+ billion impressions

Every month, publishers with R2B2 sell over 2 billion impressions.

41 countries

R2B2 operates globally, currently in 41 countries, and is constantly growing.

Maximize profits in just three steps


We analyze your website and offer you the most suitable solution that will generate the highest revenue.


We send you a deployment code and, if requested, guide you through the simple implementation using tag-in-tag or your ad server. It is possible to connect via Prebid.


Your work is done. We will take it from here. All you need to do is keep an eye on your revenue as it increases.

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Priska Dewi Astarini

Programmatic Partnership, Group Head

We, KG Media, have developed a valuable account with R2B2. We appreciate all the effort and the professional approach to making sure our partnership stays on course. Well done!

Francesco Di Cataldo


Collaborating with R2B2 has been great. I particularly value their quality support, fast placement creation, and high-performing Sticky Ads format. R2B2 has increased our ad revenue by 25% on average compared to our previous ad setup.

Josip Cukic

Programmatic & Ad Operations Supervisor

We were looking for a new ad network to increase our ad revenues. The reason why we chose R2B2 is that they are very flexible and always focus on our wishes/objectives. They always find a solution for different cases.


The Bulgarian television channel with the largest viewing audience.


We continue to move dynamically to brighten the community.


The strongest media company in the Czech Republic.


The innovative, digitalized, and diversified media company.


The world's leading sports technology company


We are ≠ because we give stability.


The very first search engine in Slovakia.

Choose from a wide range of formats

We use standard formats as well as our own innovative creations. Choose from a vast assortment of banners and videos as well as popular Vignettes, Sticky Ads, Interscroller, and other interactive options. Do you have any specific requirements or creative ideas? With R2B2, only the sky's the limit.

Explore all formats
Choose from a wide range of formats

Enjoy broader demand

R2B2 is currently partnered with 17 SSPs, and the number continues to rise, enabling us to provide broader demand. We also bring our own exclusive demand to the table.

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Enjoy broader demand
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